North Maluku


  • North Maluku covers the northern part of the Maluku Islands.


North Maluku Tourism map

  • The provincial capital is Sofifi, on Halmahera, and the largest population center is the island of Ternate.
  • The Maluku Islands was formerly administered as a single province, however, in 1999 it was split into two provinces, with North Maluku being created out of the northern section of the province of Maluku.


  • In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the islands of North Maluku were the original “Spice Islands”.
  • The region was the sole source of cloves.
  • The Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and local sultanates including Ternate and Tidore fought each other for control of the lucrative trade in these spices.


  • Languages
    • Seti language from North Seram and East Telutih
    • Alune from West Seram
    • Nuaulu from South Seram
    • Wamale from West Seram
  • Culinary
    • Papeda (cassava)
    • Kakap Kuah Kuning
    • Gohu Ikan (SASHIMI TERNATE) (Tuna fish)
    • Ikan Bakar Dabu-Dabu Mentah (Tuna fish)


Ikan Bakar Dabu-Dabu Mentah

  • Traditional house
    • Baileo



  • Traditional dances
    • Lenso dance
    • Soya – soya dance
    • Katreji dance

soya-soya dance

Soya – soya dance

Lenso dance

  • Traditional music instrument
    • Toto Buang
    • Kulit Bia

toto buang

Kulit Bia

toto buang

Toto Buang

  • Traditional weapon
    • Parang Salawaku


Parang Salawaku

  • Traditional cloth
    • Manteren Lamo (Sultan)

Manteren Lamo (Sultan)

Manteren Lamo (Sultan)

  • Traditional songs
    • Borero 
    • Moloku Kie Raha
    • Dana Dana


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