Kutai National Park


  • Kutai National Park is a lowland national park located on the east coast of Borneo Island, in the East Kalimantan province of Indonesia, ranging approximately 10 to 50 km north of the equator.
  • The park is located north of the Mahakam river and includes several lakes: Danau Maau, Santan, Besar and Sirapan.

kutai Kalimantan-National-Park

Kutai National Park located north of the Mahakam river

  • It is adjacent to the towns of Bontang and Sangatta and 120 km north of the provincial capital Samarinda.
  • There are several traditional Bugis settlements within the national park


  • Kutai National Park is dominated by a Dipterocarpaceae lowland tropical rainforest and has 958 species of flora, including 8 of the world’s 9 genus of Dipterocarpaceae family, 41 species of orchids and 220 species of medical plants.
  • The other vegetation types include coastal mangrove forest, freshwater swamp forest and kerangas forest.


Mangrove forest

KUTAI flooded_forest_02

Freshwater swamp forest


Keranga forest, which means “land which cannot grow rice”, came from the Dayak Iban language.

  • The park provides habitat to 10 species of primates, 90 species of mammals and 300 species of birds.
  • Some of them are orangutan, Malayan sun bear, sambar deer, banteng, maroon leaf monkey, white-fronted leaf monkey, Hose’s leaf monkey, proboscis monkey, Bornean gibbon, clouded leopard, black flying squirrel, marbled cat, flat-headed cat, yellow-throated marten, otter civet, and smooth-coated otter.


The orangutans


Malayan sun bear


Sambar deer

banteng Bos_javanicus_javanicus

A male and a female Banteng

red langurs of Java

Maroon Leaf Monkeys or as Monyet Merah

white fronted surilipresbitys-frontata

White-fronted surili

hose leaf monkey 800px-SemnopithecusHoseiSmit

Hose leaf monkey


proboscis monkey

Bornean gibbon800px-MuellersGibbon_HylobatesMuelleri

Bornean gibbon


Clouded leopard

black flying squirrel1024px-PteromysTephromelasWolf

Black flying squirrel

Marbled cat800px-Marbled_cat_borneo

Marbled cat

Flat-headed cat1024px-Flat-headed_cat_1_Jim_Sanderson

Flat-headed cat


Yellow-throated marten

Otter civetCynogale_bennettii_-_Museo_Civico_di_Storia_Naturale_Giacomo_Doria_-_Genoa,_Italy_-_DSC02714

Otter civet

Smooth-coated otter2006-kabini-otter

Smooth-coated otter

  • The number of orangutans was found to have decreased dramatically, from 600 recorded in 2004 to about 60 in 2009.
  • However a survey conducted in 2010 identified over 2,000 orangutans to be inhabiting the park.




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