Koes Plus (Musician) 1969–present


  • Koes Plus, formerly Koes Bersaudara (Koes Brothers), is an Indonesian musical group that enjoyed success in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Known as one of Indonesia’s classic musical acts, the band peaked in popularity in the days far before the advent of private television companies, delivering stripped-down pop and rock songs at the then-only TV station, TVRI.
  • In 2007, Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine placed 6 of the band’s studio albums on their 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time list.
    • Those are Dheg Dheg Plas (1969) at number 4,
    • To The So Called The Guilties (1967) at number 6,
    • Koes Bersaudara (1964) at number 14,
    • Koes Plus Volume 2 (1970) at number 21, Koes Plus Volume 4 (1971) at number 30
    • Koes Plus Volume 5 (1971) at number 38.
  • In addition, Rolling Stone put 10 of the band’s songs on the 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time list.
    • “Bis Sekolah” (1964) at number 4
    • “Kembali Ke Jakarta” (1969) at number 6
    • “Nusantara I” (1971) at number 19
    • “Kolam Susu” (1973) at number 31
    • “Bunga Di Tepi Jalan” (1971) at number 80
    • “Kelelawar” (1969) at number 83
    • “Manis dan Sayang” (1969) at number 88
    • “Pelangi” (1972) at number 92
    • “Jemu” (1975) at number 100 and “Di Dalam Bui” (1967) at number 126


  • Koes Plus never owned any legal rights pertaining to their works; they received only flat payment of approximately three million rupiahs for each album they recorded.
  • While this meant that their record label was willing to produce a huge number of albums by Koes Plus due to the small investment involved, it also meant that the band never enjoyed any form of royalties whenever their works are being reproduced.
  • As such, they rely upon their continuing live performances for their income.
  • Murry (Kasmuri) died on February 1, 2014 in Jatisampurna, Bekasi, West Java, aged 65.

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